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Do you want to be heard on social media? Do you want your company to have a distinct voice? Do you want more customers? Greater turnover? If you do, you have to have the best content possible on your website and on your social media channels.

This is where Traffic comes in:

  • We create original content across all channels.
  • We help your company to be seen and heard.
  • We work with you to improve your online profile.
  • We increase the number of customers you have.
  • We drive your revenue up.

It is crucial to tell the story of your company and to let people know who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your voice needs to rise above the competition.

Traffic will do that for you!

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Social Media Facts and Figures


of small businesses attract new customers through social media. (Relevanza)


of companies which have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing (via Hubspot)

the number of times marketers who prioritise blogging are more likely to enjoy positive ROI (via Hubspot)


of all social media-referred traffic to B2C websites is generated from just five social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and YouTube. 74% comes from Facebook alone. (It’s All About Revenue)


of followers feel more connected with a small business after following them. (via Twitter)


of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business (via Hubspot)