trafficgif These days, as you know, it’s all about content. If you have good content on your website, Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media channels, you get more customers. More customers mean more revenue. It really is that simple.

This is where Traffic comes in: we make your good content brilliant. We make your voice heard. We make people want to visit your site. We make people want to buy your product. We drive customers to you and that drives revenue up.

How we do it: we tailor our offerings to meet your needs. Why? Because that’s the best thing for you. Then, we take care of our business while you look after yours.

First, we come to meet you and your staff and get to know what your company does and how brilliant it is. (We know it’s brilliant because you wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.)

Then we prepare a digital marketing strategy exclusively for you and your company in order to ensure the best reaction and the best return on your investment. This will include further site visits and creating your unique voice, writing your company’s story and presenting all that’s good about your offering to the world. We will also audit your website and make it even better than it already is!

Then we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and blogs to shout to the world about how great your company is and why people should be buying your product and using your service. Depending on your needs and your budget, we use all or some of these social media channels. This is why we work with you to get the right package for you.

We manage all your digital accounts and interact with all your customers all the time in the nicest and friendliest way possible. Why? Because we care as much as you do. That is how we drive business for you.

To show you what we’re doing we also give updates on all activity across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LindkedIn and your website.

The information we use online we get from you: it will feature your products and services accompanied by the best content around and by cool photographs and by super videos.

We also write blogposts which will be original articles written on subjects relevant to your company, including:

  • Interviews
  • Client profiles
  • Product profiles
  • Market research
  • Latest developments
  • Employee profiles
  • Interviews with staff
  • Interviews with external commentators

We also promote one-off events or offerings that you have coming up in order to ensure you get the biggest reach possible.