Alchemy is a hugely personal and important project for me, so I knew we needed someone who really got what we were trying to do with it. With everything going on, I knew I wouldn’t have time to do it myself, so needed someone I could trust. Traffic Media were ideal for this. They listened and then they created the perfect voice for Alchemy across all our social media channels and in the brilliant weekly blogposts they do for our website.

Domini Kemp


When Traffic took over our Twitter account, we had fewer than 600 followers. Now that figure is heading to 4,000 and growing all the time. Their ability to tell our story – an Irish ‘kitchen’ using Irish produce to create really noteworthy food – marked us out from others and endeared us to a huge number of people. That has in turn fed into our customer base, which has been crucial for our success.

Hugo Arnold

Hatch and Sons

Traffic has managed all our social media from the very beginning. They created the perfect persona to accompany our brand and used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to brilliant effect as our main marketing tools. It’s hard to imagine promoting Joe’s without their insight, passion and creativity. They also write blogposts for our website and keep our customers up-to-date with our new coffees, guest roasts and cupping sessions. This means Mate and I can get on with all the coffee stuff.

Roark Cassidy


Since taking over our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, Traffic has completely transformed our offering. They have helped Itsa become one of the most recognisable food brands in the Irish market. Traffic Media are great to work with as they take such a passionate, hands-on interest in everything we do. And they are always at the end of the line for us! That’s invaluable.

Peaches Kemp


Traffic Media have made a huge difference to our online offering since we’ve started working with them. We have seen really impressive engagement on Twitter and Facebook, and it’s clear that the strategy that they have employed has made a big difference. Additionally, they have also produced a number of topical blog posts that have made a significant impression in the sector. We’re delighted to be working with them!

Lee Mulligan